...We are your Grocer on the run!


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and amazing customer service. I have worked with the 'big companies' who deliver food products, and they definitely could learn a thing or two from Childcare Groceries about how to look after their customers and how to deliver excellent products.

If any new customers ever need a reason to leave their previous grocery delivery service, then let me give you a few reasons to:

**We have found that deliveries are always on time.

**Very helpful delivery staff; prompt reply to either phone call or email.

**When a product is out of stock it gets replaced by a similar product rather then left off the delivery, like it can happen with the large retail delivery companies.

**Any mistakes get fixed immediately.

**In short, we are very happy with Childcare Groceries and their staff, and look forward to working closely with them for many years to come.

                   -- Barbara, Administration Assistant - Colour My World Children's Centre,                        West Ryde & Ermington