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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. The owner, manager or one of the staff at our childcare centre usual take turns buying groceries, why change that system?

A. There are many benefits in not requiring staff to go out to purchase products for your centre. These include not being equipped with refigerated transport to keep foods fresh while in transit, staff are away from their main duties at the Childcare Centre, safe handling practices might not always be followed; which is a risk to your business of injury to staff while transporting goods. Finally, time; we take the time, that you may not have, to check the availability, quality, use-by date and condition of products, as well as do the running around to find the items you need when suppliers are short in supply, as can so often occur.

Q. How does the whole process work?

A. Easy! Existing customers place an order on, for example, a Thursday afternoon or early Friday, via a customised email order form. Then first thing Monday morning their stock for the week is delivered directly to the childcare centre, where it can be checked by the Manager or Cook in the presence of our driver.

Q. Why should we use your services over the major retailers with their own truck delivery services?

A. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders! We are very price competitive with the major retail distributors and we have a very big advantage over the others; we source products from multiple sources. Delivery trucks from the big stores only deliver items from their own stores. Not only do we buy from all the major shopping chains, but we also source fresh fruit and vegetables from the markets - we even source meat from local meat suppliers - Halal or Kosher Certified, if required. We will be your one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. Delivered right to your childcare centre's kitchen. 

Q. What are the costs involved in using Childcare Groceries?

A. Like all businesses, we need to make a profit. While we have FREE DELIVERY, we make apply a service fee on orders while trying to keep your costs as low as possible.

Q. How is payment made for each order?

A. We usually receive payment in the form of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), but do accept Cheque, Credit Card or Cash (COD) payments as well.

Q. Do we need to be locked into a long term contract or meet minimum order requirements?

A. No. We dont force our customers into any long term agreements. We ask that you give us a try. We are confident you will be very happy with our service, and hope to win your trust and trade from there. There is a minimum $100.00 spend on each order, for as you would appreciate, it would not be practical or economical to order a single carton of milk from us when you are short in supply. Obviously, the more you purchase the more economical the whole process is at our end and at our customers end.

Q. Can we request a one-time trial; where if we like the service we will continue using Childcare Groceries?

A. Yes, of course. Contact one of our Sales Representatives, who will be more than happy to meet with you to hear what your needs are. We are here to help you. We are offering a money-back guarantee; if you give us a try and you are not 100% satisfied with our service...it's free.

Q. How do we become a customer?

A. To arrange for an order and a visit from a Sales Representative, please call us on (02) 9637 2550 or 0431 638 968. We use an email ordering form, customised for your centre, to receive your order each week. Customised order sheets will, of course, be tailored to meet your specific needs. Please provide us with any information pertaining to special delivery/dietary requirements, which will assist us in delivering your orders efficiently.

Q. How do you ensure fresh foods are delivered fresh and frozen foods are delivered frozen?

A. We buy daily and only source fresh and local produce. Stock is held in our cool room and processing room until delivery, so we can ensure items are maintained at core temperature. Our trucks and vans are refrigerated and configured to ensure food items, fresh or frozen, reach our customers in optimal condition. We also ensure highest standards by distributing, where possible, products manufactured to HACCP Food Safety requirements.

Q. How do you ensure foods maintain their shelf life?

A. We buy daily - we believe fresh is best. We also have an internal stocktake system, which flags items once they are close to their expiry or best-before dates.

Q. What quality controls and safe handling practices does your business follow?

A. We have safe handling procedures in place in our warehouse and out with our drivers on pick-ups and deliveries. We use strict guidelines that staff are well updated on and we maintain a hygenic workplace at all times.

Q. We are very particular in what we order and need certain items as a must - can you deliver a guarantee to fullfil our orders?

A. As we source our stock from multiple locations, we have great success in finding what our customers need. If by any chance stock is entirely depleted or discontinued, we source you as close to what you ordered as possible as a substitute, unlike the large distributors who credit your account and leave the item off your order. Also, in the event where we have to substitute an item, we will contact you to engage you in the process... A happy customer is very important to us.

Q. Does your company have proper customer service structures to deal with customer enquiries, orders, feedback?

A. Yes, we have a dedicated Customer Service number (02 9637 2550), and can be reached by email as well (childcaregrocer@optusnet.com.au). We value our customers input and feedback. We always encourage our customers to tell us when we are doing great and also where we can improve our services.